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  • 《乙女の必需品》Women’s Trifles【Hidden City ストーリー SubStory】

《乙女の必需品》Women’s Trifles【Hidden City ストーリー SubStory】


今回のサブストーリー はWomen’s Trifles

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《乙女の必需品》Women’s Trifles


Oh, monsieur! Something terrible has happened in the City. I haven’t seen the Detective for days! Martha said that you’re involved in this. She also said that you opened a real casino with Cardsharp and that the Detective embedded himself among the high-stake players to bring some order there. However, the Detective overestimated himself. The lure of gambling took him over and he’s still in that casino. We need to save him!

・be involved in:〜に参加して、関わって、巻き込まれて
・take over:〜を乗っ取る、(人の頭の中)を占める


I agree.

《 Smooth Tone(なめらかなトーン)》


I’m going to the casino to rescue the Detective myself. But how will I get inside? I’ll pretend to be a player. It’s not hard. Makeup, a brilliant smile and some borrowed jewellery from the Mistress should do it. However, I’ll need some special cosmetics to do my makeup. First, I will need Powder – will you bring some?

・pretend to do:【他動】〜を装う、〜のふりをする、〜と見せかける

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Powder. Explore Red Rose Cafe.

That was a great idea you had with the glittering powder. It will make for a great disguise.



《 Underline the eyes(目もとを強調する)》


I need to use some Eyeliner for greater effect. The Eyeliner will combine with the glittering powder for an unforgettable look.

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Eyeliner. Explore Red Rose Cafe.

I hope you brought some Blusher with the Eyeliner. Did you?


《 Light Blusher(明るい色の頬紅)》


Because of what happened to the Detective, I’ve become confused and forgot about the Blusher. But it’s never too late to improve and ask you to find it.

・it’s never too late to improve は直訳すると「(物事を)改善するのに遅すぎはしない」となります。ジュリエットは早く刑事を助けたいあまりに慌ててメイクをしている中、ブラッシャー(=チーク)のことを思い出したけど、「そういえば頼んであったし大丈夫ね」ってことです。

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Blusher. Explore Red Rose Cafe.

How do I look? Will I make a huge impact with my appearance? I think I should use a bit more Blusher…


《 Crimson Lips(真紅の唇)》


Only a few little additions are left. What sort of Lipstick would go well with my dress? Crimson would work wonders, in my opinion.

・what sort of:どんな、何の
・go well with:~にとってうまくいく、~に釣り合う、~と合う、~に似合う
・work wonders:驚くほどよく効く、驚異的に効果がある、効果てきめんである、大成功する
・in my opinion:私の考えでは、私見では

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Lipstick. Explore Red Rose Cafe.

Thank you so much for this Lipstick. You have saved me. It moisturises, it’s glossy and it holds well. Maybe the last feature is too much. What if I need to quickly change the way I look?

・Maybe the last feature is too much. は、直前の it holds well にかかっています。良く潤って艶が出るのはとても良いが、その維持力が強すぎると早変わりできないじゃない、とジュリエットは言いたいのですね。


《 Subtle Aroma(ほのかな香り)》


Now, to make me truly irresistible I need a sophisticated Coco Chanel perfume. Please pay attention – I’ve only seen fakes around here.


HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Perfume. Explore Red Rose Cafe.

I won’t use this perfume here. There must be a ladies’ room in the casino where I can powder my nose.


《 Beauty is a Great Power(美しさは偉大なり)》


We’ve found all the cosmetics and I’m almost ready. Could you help me pack it all into a Vanity Case so I can go to Cardsharp’s gaming club.

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles
Find the Vintage Vanity Case. Assemble the "Women's Trifles" collection.
HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  Women's Trifles


Thank you, monsieur, a Vanity Case full of make-up is a priceless thing for any lady. Now I’m ready to go to Cardsharp’s club to try and extract the Detective. Please take this small gift as a token of my gratitude.



This story is over…

表題の《Women’s Trifles》は純粋に直訳してしまうと『女性用の無駄なもの』となりますが、このタイトルは男性視点でしょうなぁ、とちょっと笑ってしまいました。着飾ることに余念のないジュリエットに渋々付き合う、メイクに疎い主人公の顔が容易に思い浮かびます。皮肉も込めて『乙女の必需品』と意訳いたしました。