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  • 《アクアリウム》Aquarium【Hidden City ストーリー SubStory】

《アクアリウム》Aquarium【Hidden City ストーリー SubStory】


今回のサブストーリー はAquarium

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Monsieur! You won’t believe it – someone gave the Mistress a Goldfish. Yes, yes, the one that grants three wishes. I couldn’t help myself and made some wishes of my own. They came true, but they turned into misfortune for others. I asked for money and Alex’s wallet and music sheets were stolen. I wanted to spend more time in the Manor, so the Mistress got sick, and now I’m always by her side. All my wishes went terribly wrong. Please help me.



Let’s go see Martha.

《 Coral for an Aquarium(アクアリウムの珊瑚礁)》


A Goldfish? Very capricious creatures. Does it have a home? No? That’s what’s causing all these problems – the wishes are being fulfilled, but causing suffering to others. Make a beautiful Aquarium for the fish and it’ll mellow out. First, find some beach sand and Coral.

・mellow out:ゆったりする、くつろぐ

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー  aquarium アクアリウム
Find the Coral. Explore the City Hall.

Pour the sand onto the bottom of the Goldfish’s home and place some Coral carefully on top in a Feng Shui arrangement.

・Feng Shui:風水


《 Star in the Depths(海底の星)》


Let’s add to the beauty of the Aquarium with a Starfish. Bring one, please.

HiddenCity substory サブストーリー aquarium アクアリウム
Find the Starfish. Explore the Room of Fate.

This beautiful, multicoloured Starfish will lie motionlessly on the bottom, and light will flow over its little arms.

・flow over:〜の表面を流れる


《 Aquarium Neighbour(アクアリウムのお馴染みの仲間)》


The Goldfish needs company otherwise it’ll be lonely. Find it a Seahorse for a companion.


HiddenCity substory サブストーリー aquarium アクアリウム
Find the Seahorse. Explore City Hall.

Now that a home has been found for the Seahorse too, we can start thinking about entertainment.


《 Entertaining a Fishs(愉快な水中生物)》


A Jelly-fish would look perfect in the Goldfish’s Aquarium. It’ll be used to seeing things like that. Find a Jelly-fish, but be careful not to let it sting you.


HiddenCity substory サブストーリー eyecatch アイキャッチ aquarium アクアリウム
Find the Jelly-fish. Explore the Station.

While the Jelly-fish slowly floats up and down in the water, the Goldfish and Seahorse will be able to play hide and seek around it.

・hide and seek:かくれんぼ


《 Magical Fish(魅惑的な魚)》


Well, it’s time to bring the Goldfish. Don’t even think about making any wishes on the way. We don’t know what kind of disaster it might cause.


HiddenCity substory サブストーリー eyecatch アイキャッチ aquarium アクアリウム
Find the Goldfish. Explore the City Hall.

You have the Goldfish. I hope you followed my advice and didn’t make any wishes.


《 A Wonderful Residence(素晴らしく立派なおうち)》


We’ve collected the sea’s inhabitants so it’s time to put them in the Aquarium. Don’t forget about the artifacts. We can’t create a home for the Goldfish just by pouring in some water and putting some coral on the bottom. You will get a reward for your work, of course.


HiddenCity substory サブストーリー eyecatch アイキャッチ aquarium アクアリウム
Create the Aquarium. Assemble the "Aquarium" collection.
HiddenCity substory サブストーリー eyecatch アイキャッチ aquarium アクアリウム


Just look at it, it’s so beautiful! An Aquarium with happy residents. The Goldfish clearly likes its new home. I made a wish to annul all of Juliette’s requests. I hope the Mistress gets better, and Alex finds his wallet and music sheets. You’ve done a goodjob and you deserve a valuable reward.



This story is over…